Thursday, 4 April 2019

Changing Seasons Means Porch Sitting

As the weather begins to warm up, my excitement starts to grow. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s summer I’m looking forward to, as I prefer the weather of late spring and early fall far more, but who can honestly expect more than 20 or so temperate days in the year anymore? It always seems like it’s an extreme on one end of the spectrum or the other, but hardly ever in between.

Anyway, I’m stoked for nicer weather to be able to sit out on my back porch. Now, you may have in mind that I have a secluded backyard and my own house for back porch sitting in solitude, but it’s actually quite the opposite. I live in a townhouse near a busy area of my city. But the coolest thing is I have a trail going along my backyard, meaning I can sit out on the patio and people watch in the nice weather while also catching some rays, if I prefer.

It’s a fantastic set up for a smaller apartment. So fantastic that it makes the apartment seem more like a house than not. I’ve even got a basement and second story, which isn’t very common for apartments at all.

But back to the porch: it’s even gated so that no one comes up on my porch from the trail when I’m not out there. This also allows my dog to sit and watch other dogs as they walk by on the trail with their owners. It’s really quite the apartment set up, I’m proud to say.

Not only do I sit outside just to hang out, I have a grill on the patio too. This is absolutely perfect for summer so that I can cook outside and enjoy my time doing it all while being out instead of cooped up in my small kitchen cooking.

It’s pretty fun to add stuff to my patio, too. Recently we’ve taken on the task of raising some succulents, and I actually want to get a few more that require direct sunlight so that I can put them outside in a few small cardboard boxes. I don’t quite think spending money on nicer pots for them is the best idea considering I don’t know how they’ll end up growing out there on their own, but putting the few I do end up getting in some cardboard boxes will help them to stay upright and not tip over in the plastic pots that they come in at the store.

Overall, my back patio is awesome for only living in an apartment. It probably comes as no surprise that I’m quite stoked to get out there and hang out this spring and summer.

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